Saying Goodbye can be hard, but there’s always a new hello!

Today’s the day. The day I’ve been looking forward to, but nevertheless been dreading so much.

Today I’ve had to say goodbye to my family and I can tell you, it was a really sad goodbye.

My day started bright an early because I had to get ready and pack the last things. After saying goodbye to my grandparents, my family and I hit the road to Luxembourg airport.

After I checked in I had to say goodbye to my family without knowing when we will see each other again (sometime during the year?).

The flight took off at 12.55 am and I arrived at the London City Airport at 1.02 pm. 

Sadly my host family couldn’t pick me up from the airport so I had to take a black cab home. After an one hour drive I finally arrived in North Finchley. I was greeted by my host mother and both boys.

After a little chat and a short break we went on a little walk and they showed me how to get to the main road and took me to a really nice café. After that we went to buy the boys a new football goal which we put together when we got back home and putting it to use by scoring a few goals.

Later we had a nice dinner with the boys favourite topic: football. I am happy that I at least know two German football teams, but when they asked about the British, I was completely lost. 

At around 8 pm I called it a day and were allowed to go upstairs in my private area. I even got my own bathroom.

Tomorrow I have my first driving lesson here. I am excited and also nervous, because it’s really weird to drive on the other side of the road, even as a co-driver.

I am so happy that I am finally here and that I’ve got so lucky with my family.


Vicky xx


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