New city, new life?

My first week is already over, but I still feel like I’ve just arrived..
The last few days I had time to get to know the family and getting used to living here.

My first day started at 8.15 am. While the boys were still asleep I had to learn to prepare their breakfast and lunchpaket, because they would attend a cricket camp from 10am till 3pm each day this week.
After we had brought the boys to their camp, I had to learn how to drive in the UK. Therefore I had to take driving lessons. Since Tuesday 11am the english streets are not safe anymore, so be careful if you ever find your way to London during my time here!

No, it’s really not that bad. A lot of drivers that are used to driving on the right side of the road are afraid of driving in a left-sided traffic system, but it’s not that hard when you’re driving a left-sided car, because everything is turned left. Of course it will take its time to getting used to it. But what makes it more complicated are some rules that are quite different to germany. Driving in roundabouts wouldn’t be that hard, if they would have the same rules. I also came across something I never even heard about: yellow boxes.
But I think I will explain all that later on…
In the end it worked out fine for me and I was able to drive the familys car during my second driving lesson and during my third the instructor even removed the ‘L’-learner signs on the car so they wouldn’t treat me any different.

When the boys were back from cricket camp. S. helped me bake some brownies on Tuesday afternoon. Normally they would just play on their devices until they get bored and go out in the garden for a bit. While they are playing I would prepare their dinner. On Tuesday my host mother thaught me to prepare one of the boys favourite meal: Toad in the hole.
It’s just a few sausages baked in a pancake-like dough.

Wednesday morning was kinda the same. But in the afternoon I went to a local language school to have an interview. I want to take some english classes as soon as the boys are back in school.
In the evening I drove to Finchley Central to meet family friends. My family is friends with an English family for so many years and now that I’m in England I’m finally able to meet all the family members. So on Wednesday night I met Rebecca, who lives in London, too. And Hannah her older sister, who came to visit. We went to a pub called ‘Catcher in the Rye’ and just enjoyed a drink and talked for a while.
At around 8.30 pm I catched the tube and drove two stations to Woodside Park where my host father fetched me.

On Thursday morning my host mother went back to work the first time since I arrived here. Also the boys were allowed to skip cricket camp so we were on our owns the whole day. After my last driving lesson we had a small lunch and then went to Torrington Park which is a five minute walk from the place we live.

The boys played around for a bit and enjoyed an ice cream.
When we came back I ironed their clothes and prepared dinner for them.

On Friday they were back at cricket camp again and I had an appointment at Lloyds Bank to get my own bank account.
In the afternoon my host mother dropped me off on the High street and I strolled around exploring the area and the local shops for a bit before returning home.

After being here for the last week I can really say that one of prejudices are not true: it’s not always raining!

You can see it’s really sunny here. We’ve had no rain for 4 days now and it’s been really warm, too.

On Friday night N. even took his shower outside underneath the garden hose.

It was so hilarious! He kept jumping around and screamed because the water was too cold.
I must say I’m really happy with my family. Not only the kids, but also the parents are lovely and very obliging.

I look forward to the next 360 days here in London! I’ll kepp you updated!


Vicky xx



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