Exploring London

When you go to a new city, there’s always a point when you start exploring the area. For me it was on my first weekend here in London.

Normally I’d have the weekends of, but because it was my first weekend I prefered staying with the family so they could teach me some more important things about minding their kids and also show me around.

On Saturday my host father took me on a drive around town so I’d get more used to driving in London and also would get a better knowledge of the areas I need to drive the boys around.
After lunch my host mother drove with me to Muswell Hill, which is another part of London near North Finchley. While she went shopping on her own, I had the time to walk around and explore the shops there. I really have to get back there to visit ‘art for art’s sake’! And also Oliver Bonas, but I think I can find them all over London.
When we came back I really had some time for myself which I used to update my blog and diary and also started reading JK Rowlings new book ‘Harry Potter and the cursed child’ I just bought the very same day.
In the evening we took advantage of the good weather and had a barbecue.

But the best and also the most exhausting part of my weekend was the trip to London central on Sunday.

The Sunday morning started off with a very nice breakfast at Boyden’s Kitchen where we met friends of the family, because their boys slept over at my host families’ home.
From the restaurant you’ve got view on Prince Park Manor where all the stars are said to live.


Boyden’s Kitchen

After Breakfast we drove to Arnos Grove and took the tube to Leicester Square.

As you can see we started at Leicester Square Underground station and went a round to the actual Leicester Square and from there we went to Trafalgar Square where you can see the Nelson’s Column and the National Gallery.

National Gallery

The National Gallery

We then went down a street called White Hall where the Horse Guards Parade is placed at and where you can take a look at 10 Downing Street. But sadly you couldn’t really see the Door, because of course the area was protected by police and all the other tourists were standing there and wouldn’t allow you a glance.

At the other end of White Hall we came to stand in front of the Houses of Parliament and the Elizabeth Tower with the famous bell Big Ben inside.

Big Ben & ME

Me in front of the Big Ben

Next we went over the Westminster Bridge to cross the River Thames. We could already see the London Eye in front of us. And when we turned around we could see the completely Houses of Parliament.

At the other side of the river we followed the southbank walk down the river to East London. On the way we passed the London Eye and the Southbank Center where we had a small snack before continuing with the tour. Which  led us past the National Theater, the OXO Tower, the Blackfriars Bridge and the Tate Modern Museum to the Millennium Bridge, which is called the Wobbly Bridge in London.

Going over the Bridge was really windy, but the wind was very welcome because it was just too hot sometimes. The sun was shining all the time, so I got a little sunburn.
On the other side of the River Thames the bridge leads directly up to St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Finally back on the north side of the River Thames we walked down Fleet Street to go back in the direction of Leicester Square, but stopped in Covent Garden to eat a Pizza at Pizza Express.
When we were all stuffed we took the tube back home, after a long day of running around.

When we came back home I was quite tired. It really has been exhausting. Fascinating, but exhausting.
I’m really happy that my family lives here in London because I can go to central London every weekend if I’d like to. So I can really take my time to explore every small corner and not only the tourist sights.

See you soon,


Vicky xx


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