Going to Oxford

As you probably read in my previous post I went to Oxfordshire last weekend. Thanks to my host parents I was able to go to Oxford on Saturday.
My host father and his brother-in-law drove me to Abingdon where I took a bus (X13 or X2) to Oxford, St. Aldates.

When I arrived in Oxford I just went up the Street to get into the city central. Because I’ve been never Oxford before I didn’t knew my way around. So one of the first things I did was buying me a city map.
With the map in my bag I still just went strolling around following some streets until I ended up in front of the Ashmolean Museum, the world’s first university museum. That means that the museum is owned by a university, usually to help teaching the students.

Photo 13-08-2016, 12 07 18

Ashmolean Museum

After I stopping there for a picture I knew I had to actually use the map. So I studied the map went to the Broad Street where you can see the Trinity College. I also found the tourist information office on this road. After collecting lots of informations I went down the street further. At the corner to Catte Street I got to see the Sheldonian Theater.

Photo 13-08-2016, 12 49 03

Sheldonian Theater side view from Catte Street

Turning the corner I passed the theater and also the Hertford Bridge, better known as the Bridge of sighs. The bridge got the second name, because of the similar looks to the actual Bridge of Sighs in Venice. Following the street I passed the Bodleian Library which is one of the oldest libraries of the world and the second oldest british library.

Further down the street, behind the Bodleian Library is the Radcliffe Camera. The building is another part of the Library and serves often as the reading room for the Bodleian.
The University Church of St Mary the Virgin is facing the Radcliffe camera on the one side and on the other side adjoins the High Street.

Entering the High Street I first turned left and followed the road, passing All Souls College, University College and Queen’s College. I stopped for a little stroll trough Hardys and turned back around at Magdalen College.


A little Hardys snack

Because the weather was too good and I only brought long trousers with me I went shopping to buy me shorts which I then directly put on. After a little snack break at McDonald’s I explored the city further.
I discovered the covered market. The hall is really nice and has this traditional look. Some of the shops there are really small. You can buy fresh foods, clothes and souvenirs there, simply everything.

Exiting the covered market I went back down St.Aldates to Christ Church College and Cathedral.

Being quite tired after runing around the whole day I decided to go back to the bus stop and drive back to Abingdon.
Back at the bus stop Stratton Way in Abingdon my host father and his brother-in-law picked me up and we drove back home.

It was a very nice day in a very nice city. I really loved the cities charm. Not only all the awesome buildings, but also all the street musicians who welcomed me and all the other tourist in their wonderful city. I’d love to come back here to study some time.

Photo 13-08-2016, 11 40 30

Street musicians on Cornmarket Street

But until then I can’t wait to come back another time maybe with a friend to see everything from the inside and not only from the outside and do some guided tours.

Oxford, I’ll be back!
See you!

Vicky xx


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