Whats the story?

Whats the story? – That’s irish slang for ‘What’s going on?’

So what has been going on for the last week.
With my host parents being irish, they still have lots of family over there so they decided to spent a week with them and I got so lucky to accompany them.

On Saturday, 20th August, at only 7am we started the long journey to Dublin. We drove for nearly 6 hours (with a ~45 minute break) until we arrived the Port of Holyhead. The plan was to take a ferry over to Dublin at around 2pm.
When we arrived we knew we had to wait for a bit until we could enter the ferry, but we never thought we had to wait even longer. Because of the bad weather the ferry before had to be cancelled and the one coming over from Dublin also had been cancelled.
Realizing that a lot of the cars in front of us had been waiting to get on the prior ferry , we started wondering how many cars can actually fit on a ferry.
With one hour delay we were finally able to enter the ferry and it seemed like every car fit on it.

The ferry started the journey to Dublin at 3.10 pm and it would take 3 1/2 hours to set over.
On the ferry there were several decks you could sit, a café, a restaurant and a souvenir shop. Also you could go outside on the top deck to enjoy the fresh sea air and the view.
But because of the weather you couldn’t stay out there for long or you would get blown off the ferry.

Up on the deck I was able to catch the first glimpse of Ireland.

Photo 20-08-2016, 17 51 19

The first glimpse of Ireland

After we finally arrived in Dublin we had to drive for another 15-20 minutes until we arrived at my host fathers parents home.
While we were in the living room to rest a bit my host fathers sister (D.) and her family came over, who lives right next door.
His parents and his sister’s family are really lovely people and I’m happy that I got to meet them!

We then ordered some pizza for dinner, because we haven’t had a real lunch that day and were too tired to prepare dinner. After pizza the boys went next door to stay at D.’s home, while my host parents and I slept at the grandparents home.

They told us that we were quite lucky to be able to come over that day, because the ferry after ours also had been cancelled. The next ferry would have left the port at around 4 am during the night. Fortunatley we were in our beds at that time of the night.

The next morning I got up at around 8.30 am and had breakfast with the boys at around 10 am. After that my host parents told me the plan for the day.
I got so lucky and could spend the whole day in Dublin city, so they showed me where I had to get off the bus in the evening when I want to come home and also explained to me how the bus system works in Dublin.
After that my host father drove me into Dublin right on the O’Connell Street, where Dublin’s city centre starts.

If you want to know what happened next, you have to wait for my next blog post, where I’ll tell you all about my day in Dublin!

Stay tuned!

Vicky! xx



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