10th December: Lasting Memories – I

The last weekend in September has been the most adventurous here in London. On the weekend of the 23rd to 25th September three friends came all the way from Trier to visit me and have a nice weekend in London.
Because so much happened I’m going to write two posts about it. This one is about the time I’ve spent with Max and the other one is about the time with the other two, Mäthi and Anne.

As soon as I knew that they are going to come on the same weekend, I asked my host parents if I can get the Friday or at least half of it off. On Thursday evening my host mum finally said yes, that I can have the whole day off, I just need to go to my language school in the morning.

Since Max already arrived in London on Thursday night, he did some sightseeing on his own, while I was still in school. During that time Mäthi and Anne also arrived in London. We haven’t really planned anything, but wanted to try to meet for dinner or something in the evening.

After school finished I went home to get changed and get my handbag instead of the schoolbag and soon went on my way to central London. Max told me he is at Trafalgar Square and would come to Leicester Square Station, since that was the easiest one for me to get to and the closest to Max. When I arrived at 2.30pm there was no Max. After waiting for 5 minutes and constantly trying to reach him on his phone, I finally got a message from him.
In a quick phone call he told me to walk to Trafalgar Square and if I pass an Ambulance I should not walk past it but rather look inside and I’ll find him.

When Max was on his way from Trafalgar Square to Leicester Square Station, he had to walk through a traffic-reduced area. But apparently a driver didn’t thought he need to watch out and hit Max.
As soon as I knew where he was I ran to the ambulance and luckily they let me inside. In the ambulance I helped to translate, especially because he couldn’t concentrate very good due to big headache.

The paramedics wanted to make sure that everything is alright and brought us to the Guy’s and St. Thomas Hospital, which was closest to us. When we arrived there at 3pm, they brought us inside and sent us to the normal Emergency Room. I say normal because it’s the one where everyone would go to. After waiting for over two hours, I kindly asked a nurse when we could see a doctor, because Max headache was getting worse.

When a doctor finally came to see Max, he sent us to the Emergency Room for the more severe cases, since he thought that it’s more than just a small concussion. In the other ER they finally started to treat him by giving him some painkillers and doing various tests with him, including a CT.
After the CT, they knew that he had hurt his head pretty bad and they needed to do more tests. But first they once again moved him to another Emergency Room. This one is still a part of the second one, but it’s a more private area with fewer patients and therefore more quietly.

At 11.45pm I had to go to the Tube, because I needed to get home and the last Tube was due to leave between 12-1am. Since I had to be on the Tube for 1 hour and then had to walk home from the Tube Station, I arrived at home at 1am.

Mäthi and Anne could understand that Max needed me with him and therefore cancelled our plans for the night without second thoughts. Another great support was my host dad. After I send him a text to inform him that it’s going to be late and what happened, he called me and asked if I need any help and tried to comfort me.

Another sad thing was that it was my grandmas birthday that day and everyone except me was there to celebrate it with her. The good thing is that with all the technologies nowadays and free wi-fi in the hospital, I was able to Skype with my sister who showed me around the table and gave me the opportunity to talk to everyone.

The next morning was quite an early one. At 6.20am I woke up for the first time, but could go back to sleep for another hour. When I then woke up again, there was no going back to sleep. Instead I talked to Max’ brother, who told me that he’s planning to come to London that afternoon.

After I got ready I went to the Tube to go and see Max. I left in North Finchley around 9.40am and arrived at the Hospital at 10.30am. Because the visiting hours were only from 2-8pm and he was sleeping, they asked me to leave and come back later.
Because I was already in central London and didn’t knew what to do, I contacted Mäthi and Anne and then went to see them, but I’ll tell you about that in the second post.

At 2.30pm I was back at the hospital, but left again 30 minutes later to buy some souvenirs for Max to take home. In order for me to get the right ones I had to drive to the Tower of London to visit the souvenir shop there. At 3.30pm I got everything I needed and walked all the way from the Tower of London to the London Bridge Station, where Max’ brother was supposed to arrive.

London Bridge Station is parted into two parts. One is the actual Tube Station where I’ve been before and the other part is the National Rail Station where amongst others Trains from Gatwick Airport arrive. This National Rail Station is quite hard to find. I’ve been walking around the whole area and couldn’t find the right place. Even though I’ve been in the Station more than once, I was always in the wrong part. After walking around for over 30 minutes I finally found the arriving hall of the National Rail Station and could wait for Max’ brother.

At 5.15pm he finally arrived and we could get on our way to the Hospital, where we then stayed until 8pm. The next point on our agenda was to take the Tube to the Hotel in Notting Hill, where Max had checked in on Thursday night. His brother took over the room from him, since he’s got his room at the hospital. I just collected the few things Max brought for me from my family and then left.
Around 9pm I was back at the Tube Station and went to my evening programme with Mäthi and Anne (see this post – link follows tomorrow!)

On Sunday, 25th September I first had my big Au Pair Welcome Event (see this post) and then went to see Max straight afterwards. At 2.45pm I finally was at the hospital and then stayed with him until 6.30pm. Around 4pm his brother and I went to the scene of the accident and tried to get in contact with the police, but there was no one at the station, so we walked back to Max.

On Tuesday, 27th September I did the normal morning routine and after I brought the boys to school, I directly went to the Tube Station to visit Max one last time. I arrived at the hospital around 10.40am and after I explained that I can’t visit during the visiting hours, I was allowed to see him. Around 2.30pm I had to leave again, because I still had to do the laundry and prepare dinner for the boys before I had to pick them up. It was quite hard saying goodbye after everything that happened and without knowing when we’ll see each other again.

The same evening an ambulance from Trier arrived in London to bring Max back home the following day. At 10.30pm (german time) on Wednesday night, he arrived safely at the hospital in Trier. After 1 1/2 more weeks he finally was released from the hospital and is fully recovered by now.

Even though I’m quite happy that I got to see him again, we all thought that the weekend would turn out differently. In the end we’re all just happy that he got so lucky and doesn’t have any permanent disabilities.

This weekend will definitely be a lasting memory for me!


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