23rd December: Santa Clause is coming to Town

Santa Clause is coming to town… okay, not Santa, but the Coca Cola Truck was coming to town.

On my last day in London before Christmas I went to the Coca Cola London Eye to see the Coca Cola Truck in real life. Just like the years before, the truck went through the whole country to visit some of the bigger cities, just like London.
On the 18th December the truck came to London for the 4th and second last time. From 1-9pm they would stop at the London Eye so everyone can come and take pictures with the truck.

I took the chance of still being in London and went to see the truck. Around 4pm I took my place at the end of the queue. I had to spend a long time in the queue as we had to walk past the truck and back up until it was finally our turn to take a picture 1 1/2 hours later. While I was waiting I had nothing better to do and soon started a nice conversation with the people in front of me.

We noticed that a lot of pictures were taken with fake snow and hoped that we can also have the snow in our pictures. When it was finally our turn we asked if we can have the snow to be turned on, but they said it’s on a timer and they can’t turn it on as they have to wait for the timer.
The good thing was that we were given a free coke bottle while we were waiting. After I had my picture I waited until 5pm when a spectacular screening would take place at the Coca Cola Truck.

This year was the first year for such a screening. At first they showed a little animated video of the Christmas coke factory. Afterwards they showed a screen with a little Christmas letter where they would show Christmas wishes people had posted via #HolidaysAreComing on Twitter. Because I have a Twitter account myself, I decided to send a little Christmas wish, as you can see in the picture below. After I posted the wish, I had to wait for a bit until it was shown and I even started to think that the whole thing is not working. In the end I was proofed wrong as my message was shown on the screen more than once.

After I was finished at the Christmas truck I wanted to stroll around Southbank for a while, as there were a few Christmas markets. The first one was the Winter Festival at Southbank Centre. Even though there were some stalls with Christmas decorations, the majority were food stalls.

From there I went on along the Thames towards the London Tower Bridge. On my way there I passed by the Golden Hinde which is a replica of a Warship from 1577 – 1580. The captain of the ship, Sir Francis Drake is suspected that he was a pirate. But before I could see the Golden Hinde I was able to see Shakespeare´s Globe Theatre up front. It’s an almost perfect reconstruction of the playhouse from over 300 years ago, which was partly owned by William Shakespeare himself. This one was finished in 1987 and was built as close as possible to the original one.

Between the London Bridge and the Tower Bridge is another Warship, the HMS Belfast. It was part of the Invasion of France in 1944 in World War II. Since 1963 it is out of military service and is used as a museum about the Royal Navy nowadays.
Shortly past 7pm I arrived at the Tower Bridge where I enjoyed the beautiful night lights, while I was crossing over. From there I went to the Tower Hill Tube Station, next to the Tower of London where I ended my day and took the tube home.

With that my Christmas Time in London was over and I was ready to go back to Germany to celebrate the Holidays with my family.

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you can enjoy the festive days with your family and loved ones, just like me!
Vicky! Xx


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