24 Days to Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

And it should be! It’s December now and therefore we can finally start with all of our nice advent calendars.
Because I don’t have an advent calendar this year, I decided to give you guys one. I will post a blog entry (hopefully) every day for the next 24 days as my own special countdown to Christmas.

Since I’ve abandoned you for over two months, I have more than enough things to write about! But I also want to warn you that one or two posts may be not as long as you are used to. As I have to write a post everyday and it’s quite time consuming, I may have to shorten some posts for you!

I also will sometimes post in the chronicle order of the events and sometimes post something that may have happened just recently, so don’t get confused! 😉

I’ll link each post below here in a list, so you can either come back to this post everyday or just klick on the new post on my blogsite:

  1. December: Going back in time
  2. December: Finally back to School!!
  3. December: Life is better with Friends 🙂
  4. December: Overcrowding Starbucks
  5. December: Welcome to my Palace
  6. December: I always feel like somebody’s watching me…
  7. December: Enjoy every moment!
  8. December: On the move
  9. December: Uphill and Downhill
  10. December: Lasting Memories – I
  11. December: Lasting Memories – II
  12. December: WHIP-MA-WHOP-MA-GATE
  13. December: Off the beaten track…
  14. December: On the move again
  15. December: Back to normal?
  16. December: Changing Nappy
  17. December: Surprise! Surprise!
  18. December: Little Germany
  19. December: Teletubbies, Barbie and Co.
  20. December: 23 632 steps
  21. December: Starting all over
  22. December: Countdown to Christmas
  23. December: Santa Clause is coming to Town
  24. December:

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